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Biplob Roy
Jun 18, 2022
In Visa Extensions
You can benefit from the statistics of Buy email database the calls, the locutions, or the option to identify a call before picking up, among others. Thanks to a virtual switchboard, companies can improve their communications system, both in external contact with customers and internal communication between workers. How does a virtual switchboard work? Well, at Fonvirtual we use WebRTC technology to enjoy all its advantages. WebRTC technology ( Web Real-Time Communication ) is an open source software developed by Google that allows our virtual switchboard and call center software to be used through the browser and from any device connected to the Internet: computer, mobile, tablet , etc. Thanks to this technology and the tools it offers from the cloud, we can get workers to connect from anywhere and with any device, from home with a computer, mobile phone, tablet Buy email database. We achieve total ubiquity Buy email database for workers. In addition, this benefits the company in another way, since it can hire employees from different geographical areas, and thus have an international team. What other solutions do we find? We already know that a key factor that we fear losing when leaving face-to-face work is the communication of a company, both internal and external. In addition to having some "control" to know when and how employees work. telecommuting-solutions-companies And these two issues can be easily resolved with our virtual work solutions from Fonvirtual: External and internal communication: Both the virtual switchboard and the call center integrate communication solutions Buy email database. Communication between employees is important, especially if you work from home. Thanks to communication via calls, video or chat, employees can be perfectly synchronized, they can receive and make calls from home (but with the company's landline) without the need to install anything Buy email database. They can communicate with this same platform through internal calls, internal chat, sending and receiving files, or three-way calls. In addition, the videoconference to have online meetings with the work team or with the clients helps us to achieve a more direct and close communication. On the other hand, the integration of the switchboard with the CRM will allow the workers to manage the information of all the clients in a platform in the cloud, where the files of the clients with all their information will be found Buy email database.
A Customer Calls Your Company Buy Email Database
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Biplob Roy

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