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Cambodia visa for US citizens

US passport holders are required to apply for a valid visa to visit Cambodia.

  • Tourist visas: required for US passports

  • Business visas: required for US passports

How to apply

  1. E-visa: Visit the website: to fill in form for e-visa application and receive the e-visa PDF file in 3 working days.

  2. Visa on arrival: This is quick and easy, you will fill out the visa-on-arrival form on the plane from USA to Cambodia or at the Cambodian border gates. Once you arrive, prepare 1 photo + visa fee to get the visa stamped.

  3. Visa through the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in United States Address: Address: 4530 16th Str. N.W. 20011 Washington, District of Columbia, United States Phone: +1-202-726-7742 /+1-202-726-7824 Fax: +1-202-726-8381 Email: Website:

Cambodian Visa Fees for US passport holders

  • E-visa: 1 month tourist visa 36 USD per person including the processing fees

  • Visa on arrival: 30 USD per person for a single entry tourist visa

  • Visa at the embassy: Please contact the Royal embassy of Cambodia in the United States above for detailed fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a US citizens living in Singapore, do I need a visa for Cambodia as I know Singaporean visitors do not need a visa for Cambodia? Answer: yes, you will still require a visa to visit Cambodia on your US passport, please refer the above information to apply for one.

  2. I am holding US green card, can I apply for an e-visa? Answer: Yes, the e-visa is available for all type of US passports including green card holders.

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