Online Cambodian e-Visa Application

Estimated delivery time 18:30 - Thursday - June 27, 2024 ( 4 days 3 hours from now)
Number of Visa: 1 Applicant
Types of Visa: eVisa (30days, Single entry)
Processing Time: Standard processing (2-3 working days)
This fee is the total fee for an e-visa. No stamping fee is required on a arrival.
(Current time in Cambodia: 14:58 PM - Sunday - June 23, 2024)

Frequently asked questions, answered

Do I have to enter Cambodia on the exact date mentioned in the eVisa?

No, you are not required to enter Cambodia on the exact date indicated in the eVisa. You can enter Cambodia at anytime before the eVisa expiry date.

Can I apply for an eVisa for my clients?

Yes, you can apply for an e-visa for your clients. Please ensure you have their passport bio page scan and a recently taken passport-sized photo.

Can I amend my eVisa application after submission?

Once an eVisa application is sent, it cannot be amended. Kindly ensure all the information provided is accurate before submitting the application.