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Jun 18, 2022
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Let's define this relationship: web analytics is a business tool Company email list. it helps the company make decisions about its online strategy. Analyze all your activity : both online and offline. Digital analytics and not only web : analytics (it always has been. But more and more). Is not 'only' web. But digital. Since analyze what happens before. During and after the visit . Note: at the end of the post you can see a video with the summary of a conference i gave at conversion thursday in la coruña (february 2014) on this topic. At what points is there greater contact between online strategy and digital analytics? 1. Prior diagnosis of the digital strategy when analyzing or defining an online strategy. We can compare the company's objectives with the basic metrics and kpis of each of the media (paid Company email list. Owned and earned). To detect Company email list problems and growth opportunities . Diagnosis of an online strategy - tristan elosegui diagnosis of an online strategy 2. Definition of objectives we must define the metrics and kpis that best describe the achievement of the objectives . Based on the objective set. Define the stage of the objective funnel on which the company should focus (launch = awareness . Promotion = consideration or action . Etc.). Define the macro conversion (final objective of the digital strategy) and the micro conversions that mark the path towards that objective . This will make us see that users behave differently when they are in each of the stages that lead to conversion. Define metric goals and kpis for each online channel and phase of the purchase funnel - tristan elosegui define metric objectives and kpis for each online channel and phase of the purchase funnel 3. Optimization of the online strategy with all the information collected in the two previous points Company email list. We can define a dashboard or strategic control panel that allows us to monitor and. Company email list optimize the company's online strategy . This dashboard will be different for each company . Even if they are two companies in the same sector and with similar objectives. Their dashboards will always be different. They will have different strengths and weaknesses and this will mean that the dashboard they need will not be the same. Although both may have a similar structure and online investment is closely controlled in both. In one. For example. Greater emphasis will be placed on social media and the other on seo (because it is an important part of their strategy or because they have problems on that channel). Here is an example of a dashboard that we have defined in the art of measuring Company email list.
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