Cambodia Visa Exemption

Ordinary passport holders from the 09 following countries are NOT required visa to visit Cambodia.

  1. Brunei (14 days)

  2. Indonesia (30 days)

  3. Laos (30 days)

  4. Malaysia (30 days)

  5. Philippines (21 days) 

  6. Seychelles (14 days)

  7. Singapore (30 days)

  8. Thailand (14 days) 

  9. Vietnam (30 days)

Transit Visa

Visitors do not need a visa for transiting through Phnom Penh International Airport as long as they do not leave the transit area and have an onward flight ticket.

This page was last updated on November 09, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I am a US citizen living in Thailand, do I need a visa for Cambodia?

American passport holders will need a visa to visit Cambodia either traveling from Thailand or USA.

What are visa requirements for Singaporean passport holders?

Singaporean citizens are exempt from Cambodia visa for 30 days. To enter the country, please make sure: -Your passport has 6 months of validity remaining from the departure date -Your passport has at least 2 blank pages for visa stamp

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